Growth Hacking

Increase your chances of growing your revenue

You may have a great product or service. However, information pills if people don’t know about it you will fail. One of the most important things is to build distribution channels that would give you exposure to the right customers. With this course you will understand everything related to digital marketing and you will be setup with the tools to gain massive traction.

After this 3 weeks comprehensive course you will have access to the knowledge and tools to build your own growth hacking strategies and to gain massive traction with your venture. Once you graduate you will have a clear grasp of the behaviours that drive conversions and the different techniques that help in optimizing those.

While digital marketing may seem very technical, hospital this course is designed for everyone regardless of the experience in the marketing field.

Why you need this certificate

  • The old phrase “build it and they will come” is bullshit.
  • You can spend a ton of cash on marketing with no guaranteed results
  • There are simple things you can do to maximize your startup’s exposure
  • Mastering marketing is as important as building an awesome product/service people want