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In Europe, the practicum is a graduate-level course in a specialized area of study that emphasizes the development of a professional skill.

SUPA Product.Academy Product.Practicum is a 3 month immersive program that provides first hand experience working in an Agile product environment applying the latest lean product marketing and management techniques.

Product Team participants and sponsors are subject to a rigorous application process.


The Product.Practicum

  • Curriculum is taught in a Lean/Agile manner
  • Time is divided by ¼ instructional classroom collaboration and ¾ field application and experimentation
  • Majority time is applying learning to actionable product management endeavors
  • Product Team members apply customer development processes and best practices
  • Company/Product Sponsors will benefit from the Practicum’s “lab for hire”


Company/Product Sponsors

  • Have an early stage (preferably digital) product
  • Have a development team that has reached product/market fit
  • Are local to the SFBay (preferably Oakland)
  • Have a dedicated person (ideally CPO) who will work directly with the team (10 hours/week)
  • Meet the financial criteria
  • Want to learn how to onboard new team members to your current product process
  • Can make a 6 month commitment (3 month practicum plus 3 month customized curriculum development)
  • Are committed to embedding Product Excellence By Design principles into your current culture
  • Become a Sponsor



Product Team Member Cohorts

  • Engineers, programmers, developers who want to launch a startup seeking structure and foundation in product management to accelerate their product results and arrive at product/market fit
  • MBA and graduated students seeking to gain direct product experience to increase their marketability within product management and technical companies
  • Professionals seeking to get into Product Management requiring demonstrable skill & experience
  • Entrepreneurs with a business or product idea
  • Become a Cohort



3 Month Immersive
Incorporate Agile process
Work on Scrum Teams
Hands-on project deliverables
Actual business product experience