Launch Playbook

Increase your chances of building a successful startup

Bringing a product or service to market involves a steep learning curve full of trial and errors. With this course, troche you will leapfrog forward by getting access to a comprehensive roadmap on how to launch a startup. Why do it the hard way? Build on top of what others have learned.

We often hear about billion dollar startup success stories but little on how it was actually done. We help with that. From building your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), viagra to testing your assumptions, reiterating, or getting to product market fit as quickly as possible- we cover it all.

Why you need this certificate

  • A great idea accounts for 1% of the work, while execution is 99%
  • Likely what you think will resonate with the market won’t so you will need to readjust
  • There’s best practices to follow to increase your success rate, but most don’t know them
  • Why take the long road to success when you can get a nice short cut


You will gain access to three online webinar sessions. The sessions are intended to be highly engaging, and students are encouraged to proactively ask questions.

To maximize learning, you will receive handouts ahead of each course that will deepen your knowledge on the fundraising game. In the event you miss a session, you will be able to access a recording of the lecture and will be sent the session’s sl


Preparation: August 11
Plan: August 17
Take Off: August 24


CoFounders Lab


cowork at the Port with team members during day and work together to completion